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FAQs about Regal Weddings


>> Having head office in Rajasthan and a branch office in Goa, we do not pass our clients to sub agents for the implementation but we directly deal with all your requests and personally follow your queries with all the vendors involved in your wedding. At the time of wedding our planner looks after the event on site.

>> RW listens to your ideas and concerns and help you in refining your ideas, advising you on budgeting your wedding. We suggest quality vendors, latest trends, themes and setup.

>> We don’t take more then one wedding in a week, our goal is not working for the quantity but to focus on the quality of our services. We prefer lesser events each month so that we can pay maximum attention to details, and give you a first quality assistance.

>> From our past experience we can suggest you vendors and destination suiting your requirements.

>> Our experience in Indian tourism can be useful for you in selecting the suitable destination for your wedding or planning your pre & post wedding tour for you and your guests. Our office has team of professional to assist you with tour/honeymoon planning in India.

>> RW provide complimentary wedding website for the couple with integrated booking engine, in-case your guest wants to book hotel directly with us. It also has general information about the city, wedding itinerary etc.


Can you work within my budget?
Regal weddings has got selection of destination suiting your budget, if we have an idea of your budget our planner can draw a package with a suitable destination and venue.

How much does my wedding cost?
The total cost of your wedding depends on your choices in options (destination, venue, decor, hotel, photography, flowers, reception venue, etc.) and the number of guests. You'll receive a precise quote based on the services you choose.

Are there any hidden charges?
No, all charges are specified in our package/contract.

Do you handle everything personally?
Yes, We work directly with vendors and other services to ensure that every detail is planned to your wishes. Nothing is left to chance. And we'll be working directly with you, too. Our planner deals with all your queries from beginning till the completion of your wedding ceremony.


How do I book my wedding?
Once you have freezed the location and the date of your wedding a Contract will be issued and sent to you by email. When you sign the contract we will require you to pay a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total amount of the contract. The signed contract and the deposit will guarantee the booking of our services and will allow us to secure your date and reserve your services. Once you have booked, the price of your event is fully guaranteed and will not be subject to any surcharge. The remaining payment is due 60 days prior to departure, unless your departure is before, in which case the full amount is due.

Why a deposit is required together with the signed contract?
To secure our services, we will be providing you, we ask for the deposit to be paid with the contract signed.

May I add extra services after I have booked my wedding?
Yes, sure. Additional services will be quoted per item and these extras are invoiced separately in the final invoice at the end.

When do I need to pay my balance?
We ask that you pay your balance in full 60 days before your wedding, unless your departure is before, in which case the full amount is due.

What If I have to Reschedule My Wedding?
In most case it is possible to re-schedule your wedding but penalties will apply and this depends on the date of the wedding and amount of the contract.


How can we trust your services?>
We confirm and re-confirm every detail with you. Once you have agreed our proposal, we send you a wedding agreement contract which protects both your interests and ours. We have no hidden fees or commissions or extras on top of our quotation. We suggest you to arrange your own travel and event insurance so that you are totally covered for any unforeseen situations arising.

Why should we choose RW to organise wedding in India?
RW is not an company selling readymade wedding packages, we create weddings in India for discerning clients who expect an exemplary service for themselves and their guests. We believe that our level of commitment is second to none and our wedding planner will help you with every step of this important event. From the initial meeting and throughout the months leading up to the wedding we work closely with you in order to create that truly special day.

What does RW Planners services include?
Unlimited email/phone support
Complimentary wedding website
Firework display
Meetings with vendors
Pre-wedding meeting on your arrival to discuss all the details
Wedding co-ordination fee

Organisation and coordination of the reception including:
Extensive consultation hours
Free advice & discussion
Management of all suppliers
Meeting on the day of your arrival to discuss all the details related to the ceremony and the reception
Organising visits with suppliers for full peace of mind
Organising table layouts and seating plans
Attend and help in any trial run
Supervision of ceremony and reception setup
Assistance and co-ordination of all services related to the whole event

Use of our “Complimentary couple wedding website” - a website that includes:
• Client Editable welcome page. You can post your own messages.
• Description of wedding venue
• Photo gallery of wedding venue
• Reservation system makes managing guest accommodations easy
• Travel advice and useful information
• Keep track of weather conditions
• Guestbook for your friends and family to leave you messages
Do you have references? Can we speak to previous couples who have used your services?
Please understand that we are the only company in India actively involved in Palace and beach weddings and organize the maximum weddings. Every day we receive more then 10 inquiries, so If we start asking our past client for referrals, this will bother them. I can also tell you that there is no company in India matching our experience or doing same number of weddings, Our experience, past wedding database and the media reviews will be enough to keep your confidence in us. You can see the following links , However if you are not satisfied we will be happy to ask our past client for reference.

What are RW Wedding Planners fees?
This depends on the size of the wedding and level of organization involved. Please request a quote.

How do we start organising our wedding in India?
That’s simple. Just email us your requirements and budget and we will tell the suitable destination option and will draw a complete wedding itinerary for you. Start by looking at our , select something you like and we will send you the information packs. There is a small form where we will ask to some simple details in order to answer you more accurately.

Can we have a religious blessing outside in a villa or a garden?
Yes, We have a selection of beautiful array of venues, In Rajasthan we have Palaces, Castles, Palace Island, Noble houses, resorts and in Goa we have private beaches, sea facing lawns

What all kind of religious wedding we can do?
Regal wedding has witnessed lots of foreigner's and NRI Weddings (Gujrati, Parsi, Punjabi/ Sikh, South Indian and English wedding) at Palace venues in Rajasthan and at the beaches of Goa.

Is our wedding Legal?
Religious hindu/english wedding ceremony is not legally proven in India unlike other countries, you have to undergo civil registration which is a cumbersome procedure with Court and Registrar. We would honestly recommend you to take care of legal part in your own country to save gruelling formalities and time and enjoy your religious blessings with beautiful setups of Regal weddings . This is what our most of couples do.

Can we have civil ceremony?
Religious hindu/english wedding ceremony is not legally proven in India unlike other countries, you have to undergo Civil Registration which is a long procedure with Court and Registrar. We would honestly recommend you to take care of legal part in your own country to save time in fulfilling legal formalities and time and enjoy your religious blessings. This is what our most of couples do.

If we get married in India is our marriage recognised in the rest of the world?
A wedding with only religious ceremony in India is not recognised in other parts of the world, we suggest you to have civil ceremony in your own country.

When is the best time of year to get married in India?
October to March– is the best time to get married in India because of good weather. April to Sept can be hot in Rajasthan (temperature can vary from 35to 48 degrees) and in Goa its monsoons. But risk of bad weather at any time of the year can’t be predicted.

What language the ceremony will be in?
A Christian/English ceremony will be in English and Hindu ceremony will have an English translations.

When do you suggest we start to plan our wedding in India?
We suggest you start planning your wedding in India 8 -12 months in advance. The first stage is to find a venue and secure the date as many places get booked well in advance as they are very popular with foreigners and Indians. We can arrange a wedding in as little as 2 months but in these cases there will be a limited selection of places to choose from especially if you are a group of people.
Can you help us with organising flowers, music, hotels, flights, photographer, food, cake, transportation, videographer, fireworks, hair and make-up and our other requirements?
Yes we can help you with organizing every aspect of your wedding.

Are there any hidden costs?
No, we will tell you exactly what you need to pay.

Can we speak to the vendors and view examples of their work?
Once you have booked our services, we will pass you the list of suppliers and vendors with contact details and they will be glad to show you examples of their work.

We are only a small group will you help us to organise our wedding?
We can help anyone one to get married in India, we can assist in wedding planning from just couple to a large gathering.

I have been divorced can I still have a Catholic religious wedding?
No, if you have only been divorced you may not remarry in a Catholic church, you must first have your previous wedding annulled by the Catholic Church in your country.

How many days prior to the wedding should we arrive?
We suggest you arrive atleast two days before the wedding day. Some cases can vary but you will always be advised of this in advance.

Is liquor/wines included in the price of the reception?
Wines/liquor are always separate and will be charged as per actual. We can give you an idea of the pricing for some venues in advance.

We have our ideas of what we want can you help us achieve these?
You just have to tell us what you have dreamed or have in mind and RW will let you have our creative proposal. Before wedding our planner discusses in detail with the couple about the theme, setup, colour scheme, menu etc. We can liaise between yourselves and our suppliers in order to bring your ideas to life, we have tried and tested all suppliers and they are chosen for their level of service and professionalism.

How long does the civil ceremony last?
The official ceremony lasts about 30/45 minutes. We always advise to personalize the ceremony with speeches of friends and family or with your personal vows.

About Booking the Wedding Venue and Services
How do we get started?
Once you know the kind of ceremony and the kind of wedding reception you have in mind we will discuss together the feasibility of your ideas and the possible locations. Then we check the availability of the date and prepare the estimate budget for your own wedding.

How can we choose the wedding venue and the services?
You can go through our rich photo galleries or come and visit us. In this second case we will arrange for you different inspection programmes in order to visit the possible venues and also the services suppliers.


How can we figure out the final budget?
We do not sell “package” weddings. The final price depends mostly from the number of guests and the number of the services required. A simple civil service without any extras can cost even less than 1000 Euro.

How are your fees arranged?
We require a ceremony and reception assistance fee plus a percentage of approx. 10% on top of the value of the services rendered.


How can we trust your services?
You may speak to couples we have worked with in the past, and we will write up a legal contract when we undertake to assist you with your wedding plans. We are a legally recognized company here in India.

How is the payment made?
Upon confirmation we require a small deposit to guarantee our services. Then the payment is made by bank transfer (wire) or credit card as per the schedule shown in the contract.

Why and How A Wedding Planner Helps You Couples wishing to plan a wedding or vow renewal commonly work long hours and are involved with other commitments. They don’t have sufficient time and energy to efficiently plan their event. Planning your destination wedding or vow renewal miles away from home adds to the challenge. It is difficult to trust people with such an important event when you have not met them or seen their products. We try to eliminate the stress, and select professionals whom you can trust.

Most brides and grooms-to-be are unfamiliar with the wedding planning process, and are often discouraged and frustrated. Regal weddings helps to relieve you of that pressure so that you can enjoy the process and your wedding. Pvt Ltd : Contact Mr. Ankit Bhargava @ +91 9314141250 | Mr. Vishv Vijae @ +91 9828057193 |