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Regal Weddings featured in North America's leading Bridal Magazine called "Kismet" from Canada

The Article reads..

If the wedding of your dreams means traveling to India for an ancient traditional theme, but the planning of such a grand function is just too daunting a task for you to take on, let us introduce you to Regal Weddings. This unique events company has done all of the research for you, and they offer an all inclusive package, from helping you create the theme of your dreams, to ensuring that everything goes according to plan the fine details of budgets, settings, design, organization, transportation and everything else that will make your wedding day perfect! They organize every detail of your wedding including hotel bookings, theme decor, local transportation, floral and lighting décor, traditional attire for Bride, Groom and Guests too, photography, wedding cake, priest’s and anything else you can think of.

They can source out the Traditional entertainers like Folk Dancers/ Musicians, Fire eaters, Snake Charmers, Grand Firework, hire Elephants and Horses for Wedding Procession and all that regality offers to create a unique wedding experience. Mr. Ankit Bhargava, Director of Regal Weddings Pvt. Ltd. in India tells us all about their services, their spectacular locales and everything you might want to know about recruiting the assistance of these unique wedding planners…

Wedding Affair

The Famous Asian Wedding magazine :: Wedding Affair, featured our couples

The wedding took place in typical Indian way, with doses of English style. The groom was dressed in a cream and gold sherwani. A turban completed the 'Indian Prince' look. Sonia looked lovely ion a gold lehenga choli. The wedding had a gathering of eighty people with most ladies arriving in red coloured sarees.

The occasion, which was planned by "Regal-Weddings", had a performances by a jam session.

Jet Wings Featured in Jetwings :: December 2007 Issue

An Affair to remember

Party lovers neet not despair, however, if they are keen on having a Goa wedding. With its share of five-star resorts as well luxury yachts, Goa offers a range of options to choose from. Says Mr. Ankit Bhargava, Director of Regal-Weddings and a well-known wedding planner in Goa : "Not all weddings are low-key affair, in fact most of the weddings invlove an entourage of the couple's friends and relatives. What amazing is that the place has an entertainment option for everyone.

Wedding Guru

Regal Weddings featured and contributed in a very interesting and useful Article published on "" - Wedding Guru, is a Portal to supply brides and grooms everywhere with helpful tips, original ideas, valuable expert opinion and solid information on the best of wedding traditions, practices, and trends throughout the world - thus bringing together not just two people, but entire communities.

The Article reads “Remember that the most important thing is the love you have for your fiancé, for your family, and for your friends,” says Claudia Hanlin.

Claudia, a wedding planner from The Wedding Library, in New York City, joins Rania El Farouki from Cairo, Egypt, Ankit Bhargava of Regal Weddings in Rajasthan, India, and Donna Dohi of New Zealand Dream Weddings, in sharing her expert opinion of what you need to know to make your wedding day more exciting – from start, to finish!

What are the top three things you would suggest to a couple starting to plan a wedding?

“First, decide on the place,” says Rania El Farouki, “second, choose a theme, and third, specify the budget.” Claudia Hanlin concurs. “Know your budget, know your guests, and personalize.”

Ankit Bhargava advises the bride and groom to keep fit, and give their body and brain a rest, while Donna Dohi urges the couple to simply relax. “If you can,” she says, “find a wedding planner. If not, there are wonderful sites on the Internet to help you, step by step, in your planning. Have fun. It is your wedding day that you are planning, the start of your new life together: don't start it off filled with stress and arguments.”



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