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Asha & Lutful

Asha and Lutful, UK

Dear Ankit and Team, Although time has passed nothing could make us forget our magical wedding in Goa organised by the Regal Wedding Team. The whole affair was amazing from start to finish. You assured me over and over again that everything would be perfect and although i did have my doubts, i must say you were right. The professionalism of you and the team, the quality and perfection of each event and the support you gave made it all unforgettable. I cannot thank you enough for making our dream come true. Our guests enjoyed every part of the wedding and i imagine they will be talking about it for years to come. I wouldn't have changed a single thing about the wedding other than to be able to do it all again.......

through Regal Weddings!!

Thank you, Asha & Lutful xx

Xavier and Smital

Xavier and Smital, UK

Dear Ankit & Regal Team, First and foremost, we are so glad we chose your establishment to coordinate our wedding. We have been home back in London for over one moth and a half, and all the family is talking about is returning to Goa, and having parties organised by you all the time. From the very most moment you handled our account, and wedding package, you were so involved giving us the feeling that you were arranging it for you. Smital and I are very picky, and attention to detail orientated, that during the whole event we could not fault anything. At any given time of the events, we and the families were absolutely astonished, amazed, taken out of this world. We were pretty much leaving all the arrangements down to you and our breath were taken away at all our parties. The guest were so overtaken, by all the beauty of the sets, that all they keep talking about is when is the next party?

We are and will be for a long time owing you a huge favor for all the work you have put into this wedding. We would like to say a huge thank you for your time, understanding, and hardwork. The pictures are an absolute delight to watch, and to even, share. Overall you created a fantatic wedding, and we will be for ever grateful.

Thank you

Xavier & Smital Shah-Boultwood

Lucy and Gaurav

Lucy and Gaurav, Dubai

Dear Vijae and the team at Regal Weddings I truly do not know where to start, my heart is still beating fast from the exhilaration of our wedding. It was the most amazing time of our lives and it would not have been possible without you and your team. Whilst researching where and how to get married in India we came across your website and knew instantly that any company with such a comprehensive, professional and organized site would be worth contacting. You replied to our enquiry within a matter of hours and happily offered us all the advice, support and information we required without any guarantee that we would work with you. During our first meeting in Udaipur we were met by you and shown around the city and it’s wedding venues. We fell in love with the charm and romance of the surroundings. You spent the extra hours showing us all of the possibilities and made sure that our every need was taken care of. From that day onwards we felt that you were a company we could trust and rely on.

Your help, guidance and services were then put to the test when you had to work with me as I know I am a very difficult client. I wanted every single detail down to the napkins to be perfect. You sat with me during food tasting sessions, venue visits, dealt professionally with other suppliers and coordinated our meetings in a time efficient and no fuss manner.

An added value to your services was the logistical expertise that you were able to provide us with. You helped us make our wedding very easy for our guests to attend through enhancing our website with essential travel booking facilities. Our many guests from all over the world could book their internal flights, transport, city tours and hotels rooms directly from our website, this was really appreciated buy all of our family and friends.

Every request I gave you no matter how bazaar was taken care. How you managed to coordinate airport pick ups for 130 people arriving over 4 days on various airlines and different hotels I will never know, I’m just glad that I didn’t have to do it. Even emergencies like misplaced passports were taken care of by you.

Your thoughtful initiative at the time of our wedding made all the difference. The gesture of giving us a photographer at the first function, which you help us plan last minute and pulled it together in a day, was really appreciated by Gaurav and I and the Valentines Day roses for our guests was a small gesture with a big impact. Your sweet surprise gifts made me feel very special.

The three functions that you helped us organize were stunning. More fabulous than I could ever imagine and the feedback from our guests was, ‘The best wedding we have ever been to’. Everything was so perfect and a dream come true for us. The venues came to life with the decorations and lighting, it was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I wish we could do it all over again.

We will always be extremely to you and the team and I really hope that we get another opportunity to see you again both on a professional and a personal level. We would strongly advise any couple from any corner of the world to help plan your wedding and make your dreams come true. Do not hesitate to put your new clients in touch with us if the would like a reference. How can we ever thank you enough.

With love,

Lucy and Gaurav

Rachael and Sanjay

Rachael and Sanjay, UK

Dear Ankit and the team Well we are all home safe & sound (and wearing jumpers for the first time in a week as it's pretty cold!). We want to say a huge THANK YOU for everything you have done for us, it surpassed every expectation we had. The set-ups were breathtaking - even in the rain!

All our guests had an amazing time and are still talking about the fabulous food, entertainment, settings, and how lovely the ceremonies were. You have all been so professional and helpful while both planning and carrying out the weddings, we really could not have done it without you. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Thanks again

Mr & Mrs Jerath

Tim and Sasha

Tim and Sasha, NewZealand

They were our first couple from New Zealand. Sasha is a Child Psychologist and has two lovely kids, marco and gianni, and Tim is a Co-founder of IHUG (ISP of New Zealand).

Hi Vijae firstly it was so amazing to have completed such a wonderful wedding when all the organizing was done through emails- and we were always on the go. It is a mean feat to create security and confidence when you never get to meet your clients in person. But straight away you responded virtually immediately- which for someone like me was imperative. I would probably have walked away had you not gotten involved with my case straight away.

The next fantastic thing you did was honestly informed me of all costs. I like to know these details from the beginning so there are no surprises. This was excellent. Whatever my request (and I had a few!) you were always honest and prompt with a response. All of our wishes were made reality with regal weddings. With you I was able to confidently book my entire 4 week holiday, wedding and honeymoon in Rajasthan. We were traveling with babies and you always remembered to keep this into consideration. So in my opinion the planning phase was executed with complete professionalism and always promptly.

Secondly all the staff including tour guides and drivers especially were wonderful. It is very important to have a good trustworthy driver- and obviously you handpicked each employee as ours became so trusted that we thought of them as family. Especially Stanley Thomas- who is a very dear friend now. So all your employees were lovely- very important- even Nirmal who went out of his way to correct photos for us late on a Sunday afternoon. Thank you SO much.

Thirdly Vijae your advice on hotels and restaurants were invaluable. Your extensive knowledge of the local area and hotels and restaurants was so helpful. We are proud that our holiday in Rajasthan and choice of venue for our wedding were all heritage hotels and palaces etc. You personalized everything- realizing straight away our personal tastes and then recommending the perfect hotel each time. Gajner palace where we married was stunning. Steeped in history and full of wonderful staff. What a great choice for a small intimate wedding like ours.

The wedding- well what can we say. You created our magical, fairytale wedding. Something we can only look back on with such joy. It was pure perfection in our eyes and was everything we expected it would be. Every last detail was catered to. The fresh flowers. The thousands of candles, the singers and dancers, the feast, and of course how lovely it was to have your personal touch Vijae of being there with us at the wedding. The priest was wonderful as he explained every step of what we were doing. We were really treated like royalty every step of the way. Thank you for creating such a masterpiece Vijae.

Lastly the honeymoon. Just stunning. And all organized by you. Our whole holiday and wedding was stress free- magical and very reasonable. You are a wonderful company that never ever took advantage of us as tourists. All your fees and prices were honest and reasonable. We were more than happy to pay anything since it was such an amazing experience. We could just sit back and relax knowing regal weddings had taken care of absolutely everything….

Thanks again

Sasha and Tim Wood. And we will see you again for sure!!!

Jasmi and Abhi

Jasmi and Abhi, Canada

Hi Ankit,

Your services truly enabled us to have the wedding of our dreams in Goa. Upon our first contact with you via e-mail we were thoroughly impressed by your promptness, and detailed responses that answered each and every question. Despite just coming back from an extended honeymoon after 2 months, we still continue to hear "Your wedding was the best wedding we have ever been to". Many of our guests are still ranting and raving about the breathtaking décor and the delicious food to the nice touches such as the elephant at the jaan, sitar and tabla player, entertainment, ice sculptures and fireworks. We would not hesitate for a moment to refer you to other couples considering getting married in Goa.

Thanks Ankit and team!

Abhi and Jasmi

Pooja and Benjamin

Pooja and Benjamin, U.S.

Hi Vijae, I know this email comes very late, but Ben and I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job that you did for us at our wedding. We look back at our wedding with such happy memories. The whole event was beautiful. From the moment we arrived you were there to greet us, showing us around the beautiful grounds that you picked for us. I'm so happy that we relied on your insights to help us plan such a wonderful celebration. Ben and I always talk about the three days spent at Gajner, and the wonderful job that you did to make it all happen.

Sorry that this comes so late, but please know that we thought about you often, and always meant to sit down and send this thank you out. You know, I remember when I was getting ready for the wedding and I hadn't received any flowers, all I had to do was call you and within 5 minutes the flowers were there. So, thank you again, for all the hard work, and all that you put into our wedding. It was the most beautiful and amazing time for us. Because of you, we can look back and think, "wow! we really did have a fairytale wedding!"

Take care Vijae, our love to you and your wife, and little sons. We will be in touch with you to help us plan future trips to south India, and north india.

All the best to you and Regal Weddings team

Pooja and Benjamin



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